Saturday, December 19, 2009

True Believers on Facebook.

That's how we roll! Just spotted on Facebook.
A few more supporters and the Gow Cart will have tires to roll with too!
Thanks Junebug for the support. Send your pics in too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GOW Cart Support patch is here!


The GOW CART is a pet project of mine that I hope to get off the ground in about 2-5 years total. It started with a rear axle and it's come further than I expected in a short while with many helpful hands and folks out there who want to see a good old Hot Rod on the road. But, like every project, it doesn't come without a dollar sign put to it.

The plan is to build a traditional style 1929 Highboy Roadster on model A rails but lowered with a drop axle and Z'ed in the frame and a lot of rubber raking. I know there are a lot of good folks out there with parts just sitting around their garages collecting rust and dust all at the same time, so here is your opportunity to get those old "door stops" put to good use!

This isn't a "rat rod"! In fact most of us who are younger who are building cars HATE that term. It is a low budget Hot Rod, but trust me, it will be nice. No billet anything, just good ol' parts for a good old A bomb. That's all. So are you interested in helping this poor boy out?

What I'm looking for is a small donation. It can be parts, it can be spare change, it can be leads on parts. I'll take what I can get at this point! What I'm offering right now is a bad ass oval patch (seen above)

This Car-N-Art designed 4.25" x 3" oval patch is fully embroidered and ready to be stitched. Here is you chance to grab one up for yourself no matter where you are in the world. Only $7 plus $1.50 shipped within USA. Orders outside the USA, please contact me for best rates on shipping.

All proceeds go to this car and this car build alone! This isn't a scheme to get rich, it's just to get a jalopy on the road. Down the road I will also be offering support T-shirts, Patches, and Posters that will be associated with the project that will be in the same form of donation that will help this project along, but right now I gotta move a few stickers first!

Keven Carter PO BOX 172 Clawson MI 48017 United States

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patch Panels

Today I received my first set of patch panels for the Gow Cart Project. They are rear quarter panels that I found for $35 on ebay with free shipping from Texas. I couldn't beat it and I wanted to start feeling like I was making a little progress despite the fact that snow is falling here in the motor city and the body who's probably never even seen snow in it's life is being fallen upon outside. There was a lot of rot to the rear end of that car so this will be the first of many 28-29 patches I'll require. Corporate Sponsorship Anyone?

Meanwhile, I'm reading the story about this '39 Ford Custom from Hawaii and dreaming of what it's like to cruise without a top in 70ยบ all year round? BASTARDS! Notice the Road Devils on the cover?! Read the article here

And speaking of Patches, the GOW CART support patches will be in this week. Help make someones xmas bad ass with a patch... more details later.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Detroit Road Devils year end get together / E & J headlights

Today is the end of the year get together for the Road Devils Detroit chapter. This is the meeting that we cover all the big things happening over the course of 2010 (it's weird to say that as well as type 2010... seems like we should be living in outer-space now) We also cook up a mass of food, drink all the beer and booze in the fridge and have a the massive double top secret meeting on all things devilish. I've gotta get my ass in gear to cook my meals for this. Picks to follow up in a future post.

I had a lead on some E & J original type 20 headlights buried deep down in Texas for the Gow Cart. Unfortunately, I just got this note from the informant:

"As far as the headlights, there is a pause on that situation for a little bit. The guy who had all that stuff shot himself in the head so he is not around anymore..."

So if you who are reading this know where I can get a pair that won't break the bank, please let me know.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

RDFL:: Tornado Alley Video

The Tornado Alley fellas put together this video of their cars and members. I figured I'd show it off too since they helped me out with holding on to the Gow Cart body

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gow Cart Support!

Coming up in a short while you too can show your support for the Gow Cart Project. The Gow Cart Patch is the one on top, the sticker is below. Lord knows I could use some help here! Just putting 2000+ miles on the truck, the gas alone was $300! So any help is appreciated. Stay tuned for the Patch launch, probably in time for Christmas.

There already are stickers for sale here:

$2 for a Gow Cart Sticker

Or send check or money order to:
Keven Carter PO BOX 172
Clawson MI 48017 United States

Monday, November 30, 2009

Gow Cart comes HOME!

Is it weird to think of a car as a body alone? I suppose it's what defines a hot rod, perhaps even more than the engine in the sense of that is how it's truly identified. Today the body came off the back of the truck after leaving Texas on Saturday morning, driving over 1000 miles, arriving Sunday morning and resting until today. 

So after driving straight down immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, We arrived first in Oklahoma to meet up with some of our Road Devil brethren in the Tornado Alley. Driving straight through didn't allow for much rest for Chris "Hyman" or myself. We stopped in Moore OK. at the Blue Koi Tattoo shop where we both got some ink. It was only fitting that we did something 'devilish' from Prospect Reverend Jimmy Vegas. 

Immediately leaving and attempting to play Beat the Clock as the sun was setting over the OK/TX border, we finally rolled into the Tornado Alley HQ where we we greeted by many of the Texas members with beer in hand.

I can safely say that we drank 'til we fell down. I tapped out around 12:30 am and Hyman around 2 am. In the morning the body was hosted into the back of my F150 and after breakfast at Denny's, we drove straight back to Detroit.

There is entirely more than this basic synopsis I just banged out here, but it will take me some time to formulate a way to put it into words.  I will break it down later, but for now I can do it in four words:


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ads: a Necessary Evil

Yes, the Gow Cart Blog contains ads and the reason being is building the car isn't free. I could use your help. All I ask for is a click, and you don't have to buy a thing at all. I've enabled ads on this blog in hopes that the good people who read it also will take a split second even on their way out of reading this to click on the ad bar to the left hand side of the screen. This is doing the build a HUGE favor. So please again, don't be mad. Its a click with no obligation for anything. All proceeds go to the build. Thanks for your time and understanding!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Body Snatachers

In some strange way I feel like building this hot rod is just retrieving the parts that have been scattered to the four corners of the USA and bringing them back to where they came from, right here in Detroit. These pieces were meant to be together and I'm just a facilitator in doing so.

Catching you up to date on what has been recovered:

The Engine for the Gow Cart was the first piece in this big old puzzle and it was recovered deep in the middle of Tennessee back in 2004 pulled from an old Cadillac by my wife and I about a week after we were married. 

The Chassis is currently a 30-31 frame that was recovered in Illinois, approximately 10 miles from the Iowa border.

The Rear axle (48 Ford Truck, banjo rear end) was recovered with help from my friend Jason in Michigan. That was an easy one.

Now, the body is next. 1929 Sport Coupe which will be used as the base for a roadster. It's a long haul but this one has been target practice for kids way down in Texas for years now and tomorrow, right after Thanksgiving dinner, Hyman and I are hitting the road to bring this Original Detroit Tin home. 18 hours straight through. 

The body is in the hands of fellow Road Devil Woody from the Tornado Alley chapter. 
Stay Tuned for updates because this is looking like it's gonna be one crazy ass trip.