Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patch Panels

Today I received my first set of patch panels for the Gow Cart Project. They are rear quarter panels that I found for $35 on ebay with free shipping from Texas. I couldn't beat it and I wanted to start feeling like I was making a little progress despite the fact that snow is falling here in the motor city and the body who's probably never even seen snow in it's life is being fallen upon outside. There was a lot of rot to the rear end of that car so this will be the first of many 28-29 patches I'll require. Corporate Sponsorship Anyone?

Meanwhile, I'm reading the story about this '39 Ford Custom from Hawaii and dreaming of what it's like to cruise without a top in 70ยบ all year round? BASTARDS! Notice the Road Devils on the cover?! Read the article here

And speaking of Patches, the GOW CART support patches will be in this week. Help make someones xmas bad ass with a patch... more details later.

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