Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GOW Cart Support patch is here!


The GOW CART is a pet project of mine that I hope to get off the ground in about 2-5 years total. It started with a rear axle and it's come further than I expected in a short while with many helpful hands and folks out there who want to see a good old Hot Rod on the road. But, like every project, it doesn't come without a dollar sign put to it.

The plan is to build a traditional style 1929 Highboy Roadster on model A rails but lowered with a drop axle and Z'ed in the frame and a lot of rubber raking. I know there are a lot of good folks out there with parts just sitting around their garages collecting rust and dust all at the same time, so here is your opportunity to get those old "door stops" put to good use!

This isn't a "rat rod"! In fact most of us who are younger who are building cars HATE that term. It is a low budget Hot Rod, but trust me, it will be nice. No billet anything, just good ol' parts for a good old A bomb. That's all. So are you interested in helping this poor boy out?

What I'm looking for is a small donation. It can be parts, it can be spare change, it can be leads on parts. I'll take what I can get at this point! What I'm offering right now is a bad ass oval patch (seen above)

This Car-N-Art designed 4.25" x 3" oval patch is fully embroidered and ready to be stitched. Here is you chance to grab one up for yourself no matter where you are in the world. Only $7 plus $1.50 shipped within USA. Orders outside the USA, please contact me for best rates on shipping.

All proceeds go to this car and this car build alone! This isn't a scheme to get rich, it's just to get a jalopy on the road. Down the road I will also be offering support T-shirts, Patches, and Posters that will be associated with the project that will be in the same form of donation that will help this project along, but right now I gotta move a few stickers first!

Keven Carter PO BOX 172 Clawson MI 48017 United States

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