Sunday, December 13, 2009

Detroit Road Devils year end get together / E & J headlights

Today is the end of the year get together for the Road Devils Detroit chapter. This is the meeting that we cover all the big things happening over the course of 2010 (it's weird to say that as well as type 2010... seems like we should be living in outer-space now) We also cook up a mass of food, drink all the beer and booze in the fridge and have a the massive double top secret meeting on all things devilish. I've gotta get my ass in gear to cook my meals for this. Picks to follow up in a future post.

I had a lead on some E & J original type 20 headlights buried deep down in Texas for the Gow Cart. Unfortunately, I just got this note from the informant:

"As far as the headlights, there is a pause on that situation for a little bit. The guy who had all that stuff shot himself in the head so he is not around anymore..."

So if you who are reading this know where I can get a pair that won't break the bank, please let me know.

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