Monday, September 20, 2010

Frame Progress

Well, you have to start somewhere, and the frame is probably the best place to get things going. The search is always on for parts, but it was time to get things rolling on the frame work of this project.
This frame was picked up in Illinois, just a few miles from the border of Iowa. It's an orginal straight model A 28-29 frame.
Step one was to knock out all the old rivets on the cross members for the front and center. Then begin filling those old holes.
A wire wheel and a sanding disk or two revealed the metal under 80 years of rust.
A big task on these old frames is filling up the old holes. There are a ton of them on the top, sides and bottom. I didn't even bother to count, just got down to business. The small holes can be filled by welding with a copper piece to back it, while the larger holes need some sort of filler. A fender washer works well for this.
Here is a larger hole filled with a fender washer and ground flat
Never Never knew there was an 1 1/2" hole here!
Here is the side of the frame with the holes filled.
The old front cross member that was cracked was replaced with a new Model A styled cross member courtesy of Ionia Hot Rods
After as much clean up on the frame that could be done by hand I had the frame blasted to get all the nooks and crannies. After a fresh coat of weld through primer, I started boxing the frame back to front.
The boxing plates are welded in here with clean up left to do.
Heres where two plates came together. It was v'ed on the edges to sink the weld in better. More clean up grinding left to do.
Made some quick gussets for the rear member to the boxing plate. I dunno that it helps all that much but it can't hurt. Passenger side.
Here's a better look at the boxed frame from the inside.
Wanted to finish the box to the other side of the front cross member, but not the whole horn so I did a little looking around to come up with this idea which mimics the curve of the horn tip.
Had to do a bunch of relief cuts to get the curve correct. Here it's roughed out. I sandwiched both sides together then cut away for symmetry.
Here it is all welded in place.
Cut up a small part of my old center cross member to get a nice radius piece to fit at the end of the boxing plate and the front cross member.
the piece worked well with some finessing and grinding.
A quick shot of primer shows the front horn grinding. I may not need much body filler!
Here is the grafted in radius piece ground and primed.

-Up next, Engine mounts and center member.