Monday, November 30, 2009

Gow Cart comes HOME!

Is it weird to think of a car as a body alone? I suppose it's what defines a hot rod, perhaps even more than the engine in the sense of that is how it's truly identified. Today the body came off the back of the truck after leaving Texas on Saturday morning, driving over 1000 miles, arriving Sunday morning and resting until today. 

So after driving straight down immediately after Thanksgiving dinner, We arrived first in Oklahoma to meet up with some of our Road Devil brethren in the Tornado Alley. Driving straight through didn't allow for much rest for Chris "Hyman" or myself. We stopped in Moore OK. at the Blue Koi Tattoo shop where we both got some ink. It was only fitting that we did something 'devilish' from Prospect Reverend Jimmy Vegas. 

Immediately leaving and attempting to play Beat the Clock as the sun was setting over the OK/TX border, we finally rolled into the Tornado Alley HQ where we we greeted by many of the Texas members with beer in hand.

I can safely say that we drank 'til we fell down. I tapped out around 12:30 am and Hyman around 2 am. In the morning the body was hosted into the back of my F150 and after breakfast at Denny's, we drove straight back to Detroit.

There is entirely more than this basic synopsis I just banged out here, but it will take me some time to formulate a way to put it into words.  I will break it down later, but for now I can do it in four words:


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